Weiser Services

From full-service association management to project or outsourced services custom-designed to meet your individual needs, WJ Weiser & Associates promises commitment, experience and excellence to your organization. Weiser services include:

Full Service Association Management Listing

    Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

    Comprehensive Services related to the management and support services related to the compliance of standards, maintenance of accreditation, and reaccreditation services for an accredited provider through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

    Accounting & Financial Management & Controls

    WJ Weiser & Associates, with complete transparency, manages and maintains all financial affairs, books, records, develops and submits for Board approval an annual budget, prepares financial statements, and files or coordinates the filing of all state and federal tax returns and other corporate filings. WJ Weiser & Associates also invoices, receives, and collects monies for dues, conference and exhibitor fees, and revenues from advertising and other sources. In addition, we also handle the accounts payable for your association. WJ Weiser & Associates works closely with the Treasurer to ensure the financial stability and growth of the organization.

    • Audit and tax coordination
    • Preparation of Financial statements
    • Income and Expense Analysis
    • Budget Development, Management and Analysis
    • Financial Statements
    • A/R Cash Receipts including online credit card payment acceptance
    • Accounts payable
    • Annual Financial Summary & Results
    • Federal & State annual and Tax Reporting
    • Credit card payment acceptances Acceptance of Credit cards
    • Investment Advisor coordination

    Board of Directors and Committee Support

    WJ Weiser & Associates delivers quality board and committee support to clients. From developing agendas, minutes and supporting materials, to the development, delivery and implementation of ensuing actions and program initiatives, Weiser’s major priority is in our supporting role to the association leadership, and as a trusted, informed and proactive advisor.

    • Meeting Agendas
    • Board of Directors Meeting Materials and Handbooks (electronic & or Print)
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Action Follow-Up
    • Best Practices Resources
    • Development, Delivery and Implementation of Actions and Program Initiatives
    • Communications and announcements
    • Committee Organization and Coordination
    • General administrative support services
    • Hotel and Travel Contracting, Arrangements and Coordination
    • Onsite Board Support and Staffing

    Branch and Chapter Management

    WJ Weiser & Associates offers its full complement of services to state, regional, branch or chapter affiliates that would integrate fully with, or independent but in concert through, the parent organization.

    Certification, Accreditation, Compliance Programs and Administration

    WJ Weiser & associates offers a comprehensive range of services related to the establishment, implementation and management of compliance, accreditation, fellowship and certification programs - from application to reviews to renewals.

    Education & Program Content Management Services

    WJ Weiser and Associates will work with your education committees to help deliver first-rate educational programing and learning experiences.

    • Live, in-person physical meetings
    • Live Webcasts & Virtual Events
    • Content and Program Development Support and Management
    • Continuing Education Accreditation Application, Management and Coordination
    • Speaker and program management
    • Abstract management
    • Speaker disclosures
    • Content capture, design, development and deployment
    • On-demand content delivery options
    • Program materials compilation, editing and management
    • Member surveys and needs assessments
    • Stationery

    Executive Director Services

    The role of the executive director includes:

    • Interface with the Board of Directors and Key Committee leaders. Provides full staff support and attends leadership meetings
    • Cultivates a strong relationship with the Board of Directors in helping to set policies consistent with the mission of the association
    • Manage and direct resources to implement association initiatives, assuring that the goals and objectives are aligned with the strategies of the association
    • Provide the day-to-day management of association programs and activities, and oversee the administrative and business functions of the association

    Fundraising & Non-Dues Income Development Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates dedicates the efforts of an entire team of experienced development professionals devoted entirely to development and industry relations, securing over 6 million dollars for our clients annually. By cultivating relationships with potential industry partners, navigating ever-changing regulatory issues and creating mutually-beneficial opportunities, Clients benefit from this unique emphasis and investment by Weiser in the form of non-dues revenue that works to supports member benefits, scientific programs, educational conferences and special projects. Whether it's through grants, corporate membership arrangements, sponsorships, donations or exhibits, WJ Weiser & Associates leverages its unsurpassed experience and relationships to help you meet your funding goals.

    • Develop and Implements Corporate Relations Development Plan
    • Prepare and Market Sponsorship Prospectus
    • Solicit Sponsorships and Exhibit Sales
    • Solicit and service satellite symposia
    • Develop and submit corporate grant applications
    • Write Project Proposals
    • Complete Letters of Request and LOA's
    • Exhibitor Registration Management
    • Exhibit Acknowledgements & Personalized Communication
    • Exhibit Layout, Regulations & Coordination
    • Develop exhibit guides
    • Develop exhibit traffic generators
    • Manage logistical coordination of sponsorships
    • Manage onsite exhibition hall
    • Onsite sponsorship management
    • Collection of Commitments of Funds
    • Grant reconciliations
    • Funding reports and analysis
    • Follow up and appreciation letters to sponsors and exhibitors

    Government Relations Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates will monitor and mobilize your members on legislative and regulatory issues that impact their profession. Weiser continually cultivates its extensive network of contacts in Congress, agencies and state capitols across the country. Our Government Relations and Advocacy team at Weiser has decades of legal, lobbying, advocacy, alliance development, public relations and strategic communications experience. Our staff of legislative attorneys and experience political professionals can manage any client’s public policy needs. Weiser services include, but are not limited to:

    • State and Federal Government Relations
    • Legislative Strategy Development
    • Legislative and Regulatory Tracking
    • Key Contact & Grass Roots Mobilization/ Member Engagement Services
    • Coalition Building
    • Relatable Public Policy Updates and Action Alerts
    • Issue Briefs, Talking Points & Testimony
    • Advocacy Training
    • Political Action Committees
    • Management of External Consultants

    WJ Weiser & Associates, Inc. promises real time tracking of all new, pending and other bills, rules and other lawmaking activities. Our team of legislative attorneys are experienced in drafting legislative and policy language, as well as negotiation of legislation, rulemaking, guidelines, etc. Our government relations team:

    • Drafts model legislation
    • Leads advocacy coalitions
    • Develops and prepares
    • Priority issue templates
      • talking points
      • model testimony
      • priority issue FAQs
      • policy issue briefings
      • issue brandings and other targeted tangible products

    Our action policies include strategic engagement of members, key stakeholders, advocates, legislators and others to advance association priorities, and the development of strategic alliances and partnerships that include diverse and balanced key stakeholder groups focused on key issues, working toward common priorities, goals and measures.

    Historical & Archive Records Management Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates manages your historical and corporate records library of materials.

    • Articles of Incorporation & Annual Reports
    • Tax Exemption Approval letters
    • Annual Tax and other IRS and State Returns
    • Contracts and Agreements
    • Legal Documents
    • Financial Records & Audit Reports
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Board Actions

    Information & Technology Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates offers the highest level of IT services to ensure optimum efficiency. Weiser can manipulate data to provide your organization with valuable information to track member trends and history, member benefit usages, meeting date and site popularity.

    • Custom Design Programming
    • Database Management
    • List Management
    • Database Cleansing
    • Computerized Data Compilation
    • Information Tracking & Results Reporting
    • Electronic Libraries
    • Website services

    Meeting Planning, Event & Convention Management Services

    Our meetings and event staff have years of experience in planning successful meetings, those real live physical meetings as well as those that are live online, or web-based. We pay special attention to every detail to ensure your events run smoothly from start to finish, and are financially viable. Our services include but are not limited to the following.

    • Live, in-person physical meetings
    • Live Webcasts & Virtual Events

    Pre-Meeting Planning & Administration

    • Site Recommendations & Analysis
    • Hotel and Facility Negotiations
    • Hotel Room block & Housing management
    • Meeting Budgeting
    • Marketing & Promotion
    • Creative Program & Social Function Development
    • Menu Suggestions
    • Registration Brochures and promotion
    • Exhibit and sponsorship sales
    • Exhibit Promotion & Solicitation
    • Exhibit Layout, & Sponsorship Regulations & Coordination
    • Program Attendee Materials
    • Contracting of Audio Visual, Decorating and Exhibiting & Other On Site Service Vendors
    • Security Services
    • Optional Event Planning
    • Registration Services, processed online and in Weiser datacenter
    • Registration acknowledgements & Personalized Communications
    • Name Badges
    • Registration List Management

    During Meeting

    • On-Site Registration
    • Audio-Visual Coordination
    • Exhibitor Management
    • Attendee Surveys
    • Optional Events Coordination
    • General Meeting Management

    Post Meeting

    • Exhibitor Surveys
    • Attendee Surveys
    • Audit and Billing Registrations
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • Speaker Acknowledgments

    Membership Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates state-of-the-art customized database ensures the accuracy of member profiles and timely processing of dues payments and applications. WJ Weiser & Associates will also work with the Membership Committee to develop effective recruitment and retention programs for your organization. The membership department receives and processes inquiries concerning prospective membership and membership applications; and maintains a historical and current database on membership, trends, etc. WJ Weiser & Associates can generate reports for your organization that will provide updates on all membership efforts.

    • Member Demographic Profiles
    • Processing and orienting new members
    • Membership Recruitment
    • Membership Demographics and Analysis
    • Membership Retention & Non-Renewal Analysis
    • Data Base Management & management of prospective member databases
    • Dues and Accounts Receivable processing and Management
    • Member Benefits Coordination
    • Member Surveys and Polling

    Publications, Communications, Marketing & Design Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates offers a full range of publication management, editing, writing and graphic design services. Our design services range from layout of regular publications to the creation of logos, newsletters, brochures and journals. An association’s publications leave a lasting impression on its membership. They are the primary and, in some cases, the only means of communication between the members and the organization. Professionally-produced communication keeps members informed and promotes a feeling of unity among members. We will work with you to manage the design of all your publications from inception, to production and distribution.

    We provide solutions to all your electronic and print and electronic publishing needs while keeping the cost in line with your budget.

    • Print Publications
    • Electronic & Broadcasting Services
    • Publications management
    • Editing & Writing
    • Graphic Design Services
    • Marketing and Distribution
    • Image & Logo Design
    • Newsletters
    • Directories
    • Brochures
    • Special Events Promotion
    • Journals & Magazines
    • Final Agendas
    • Program Books
    • Proceedings and Manuals
    • Signage

    Start-Up Services – Establish the Professional Association

    WJW holds a powerful track record in developing successful organizations from the ground up. Beginning with your small band of committed volunteers who join together for a common purpose; to drafting bylaws, officially incorporating, filing for tax exemptions and launching branding, website and membership campaigns; Weiser shares its decades-long experience in a comprehensive start-up services package that will allow you to launch a member-focused organization or non-profit foundation. See how skillfully it’s done. Contact Weiser with your concept today.

    Corporate Structure

    • Develop, file Articles of Incorporation Application
    • Construct bylaws Draft for Adoption; Incorporate Changes until Final
    • Coordinate/Manage Selection and Election of Initial Board of Directors
    • Committee Development
    • Complete federal tax exempt Application
    • Establish Checking Account
    • Prepare Association Letterhead
    • Secure Board of Directors Liability Insurance
    • Set-up email votes and prepare all related minutes and resolutions
    • Attend and set-up Teleconferences as needed
    • Attorney Review and Approval of Bylaws
    • Prepare Agenda and Materials and all logistics for the first in person meeting of the full Board

    Corporate Branding & Membership Role Out

    • Logo Development
    • Stationery Design
    • Member Brochures
    • Member Application Design
    • Establish Dues Structure
    • Member Profile/Demographic Development & Database
    • New Membership PR and Promotion
    • Recruit/Solicit Membership

    Website Development

    • Apply and Secure Domain
    • Develop Website to include the following sections: About Us, Bylaws, Board of Directors
    • Information, Meeting Information, Membership Application and Searchable Password Protected
    • Membership Directory and module that will be later introduced that will accept dues payments and include dues history by member and more

    Telemarketing Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates can help your organization administer telemarketing efforts and/or surveys that will provide useful and quantifiable results.

    • Membership Recruitment and Retention
    • Non-Renewal Studies
    • Exhibit Booth Sales
    • Advertising Space Sales
    • Dues Reminders and Collection
    • Surveys, Polls and Interviews
    • Association Product Sales
    • Call Documentation and Custom Reporting

    Transition Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates is a veteran of efficient and seamless transitions of associations entering the services of full service Weiser management. Weiser has developed and installs a targeted set of systems and processes that effectively and successfully manage the entire landscape of the management conversion from day one.

    Website Services

    WJ Weiser & Associates’ team of IT professionals are skilled and proficient to meet your website development needs and the maintenance and support of existing sites. WJ Weiser & Associates understands that without web presence, associations barely have any presence at all.

    • Websites
    • Analytics
    • Virtual Events
    • Social Media
    • E-learning
    • Electronic libraries