What Is an Association Management Company (AMC)?

The American Association of Association Executives (ASAE) defines an association management company (AMC) as:

An association management company (AMC) is a professional service company that specializes in providing management services for associations on a fee-for-service basis. AMCs provide the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology, and equipment an association needs to operate efficiently. An association management company typically manages several associations from one company location, providing a wide range of benefits including shared technology systems, access to expert specialized staff, and shared purchasing power.

The association management company industry is more than 110 years old. Today, there are over 600 AMCs worldwide that collectively manage associations ranging in budget size from $50,000 to $16 million and representing more than 3 million members. Regardless of the size, industry, and membership type of your association, there is likely an AMC that has experience with an organization like yours.

WJ Weiser & Associates, Inc. (Weiser) is one of the Nation’s premier association management companies (AMC), with a targeted focus on medical and health sciences associations. Organizations come to partner with Weiser because of our expertise and specialization in dealing with the challenges of running an association, and our ability to anticipate emerging dynamics that may impact your goals.

Weiser manages associations of various sizes and complexity from 80 members to membership in the thousands. Weiser will help you better serve your members, while increasing efficiency and an improvement to your bottom-line. Our dedicated team of professionals deals with the day-to-day administration and challenges of running an association, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your profession. More than 70 associations like yours have turned to Weiser:

  • When it becomes difficult for volunteers to handle the volume of a growing membership and associated business demands
  • When current staff does not have the necessary expertise to manage the complexities of the organization and is having difficulty fulfilling the organization's mission and goals
  • When the financial health of the association calls for turnaround management dedicated to the organization's renewal

When you are thinking of association management services, first think of Weiser. We are dedicated exclusively to, and are specialists in, managing associations. Our first loyalty and priority is always to you, our client. We deliver high quality, cost-effective service in managing all aspects of your organization.

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— Cameron Crowe