Weiser Alternative

More and more associations are realizing the tremendous value of hiring a professional management company to run the day-to-day operations of their organization. When considering the time and cost of hiring and training a staff, as well as the overhead involved with maintaining office space, it is vastly more economical and efficient to utilize the services of professional managers with the knowledge, technology and resources already in place. When small- to medium-sized associations employ their own staff, it can be difficult to find in one, or even several individuals, the range and depth of skills needed to operate proficiently. Weiser boasts a complete team of experienced professionals in the areas of expertise required to effectively manage your association.

Like any business that is successful, associations need committed and responsible individuals devoted exclusively to running the organization. Professional and personal life demands make it increasingly difficult to find or even expect this kind of time commitment from volunteers. Weiser’s knowledgeable and capable team dedicates itself to handling the many varied business components including finance, meeting planning, educational program management and development, training, graphic design, and daily administration essential to managing a successful organization.

The Weiser Alternative will help you better serve your members, while increasing efficiency and an improved bottom-line. Our dedicated team of professionals deals with the day-to-day administration and challenges of running an association, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your profession. More than 70 associations like yours have turned to WJ Weiser for their management needs; we look forward to helping you serve your members as well.


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