Unique Identity

There Is No Cookie Cutter Mold

Every association has its own unique culture, identity and set of organizational goals. Weiser works in harmony to maintain a conservative allegiance to those guiding principles, while at the same time offering balanced innovation to the operating and financial structures of the organization. Working exclusively under the direction of the Board of Directors, Weiser works in concert with the will of the Board to support and implement their directives. The Board creates the vision and mission of the organization, while Weiser delivers the expertise, infrastructure and professional resources necessary to implement the programs and initiatives that derive from them.

Weiser clients each have their own executive director and a committed professional team devoted to serving the needs of the organization, and there is no doubt that Weiser staff identifies as your staff. Organizations maintain their own bank and investment accounts, vendor contracts, member databases, etc., and can have dedicated telephone lines, allowing calls to be answered with a personalized, association-specific, greeting. Your corporate identity remains firmly individual and complete.