Income Development

Developing a lifeline

With an experienced department devoted entirely to development and industry relations, WJ Weiser & Associates is extremely proactive in fundraising, securing nearly $8 million for our clients annually. By cultivating relationships with potential industry partners, navigating ever-changing regulatory issues and creating mutually-beneficial opportunities, our clients realize significant benefits in obtaining non-dues income from our proven development strategies.

Successful fundraising takes time, and is an expensive proposition. At WJ Weiser we strive to spend quality time and resources with only the most successful and efficient strategies for securing maximum return on investment (ROI). Our professional experiences in development allow us to focus our time effectively, and only in areas that yield the greatest results. Our development plan with your Association would include:

Defining the Campaign

To be successful at soliciting funds, one must be willing to set an example for others to emulate. WJW works with clients to define and write the development campaign. Working with the Association, Weiser will define and write your case statement. Part of that process is to confirm your top priorities for funding: What is it you need? Why do you need it? What is the gap you are trying to close? Then to establish the fundraising goal needed to achieve those priorities: How much do we have to raise to achieve your goal?

Market Research Analysis

Successful campaigns require diversification of revenue sources, minimizing reliance on any single source of revenue. Weiser’s market research will include two distinct areas:

  1. Weiser will evaluate current funding sources.
    1. Analyze fee structure: who is giving, how much and what benefits they received.
    2. Determine if we can enhance benefits and increase pricing.
    3. Compare the benefits/pricing to the current market rates to assess for fair value. The goal would be to upsell current supporters to new and higher giving levels.
  2. Weiser will explore new areas of opportunity.
    1. We work with our Clients to identify the top prospects that have the business interest, sufficient resources and connection to the organization.
    2. We work with Clients to identify funding sources that have not previously or not recently contributed.
    3. Once the target listing is identified, Weiser will make contact and actively solicit and seek contributions.

Development Strategy

Based on information gathered through networking and research, WJ Weiser will determine the level of connection each prospect has to the organization and network to see if there are any relationships upon which we can build. During the prioritization process, we will consider the prospects’ needs and create sponsorship packages and deliverables to suit varying levels of commitment. Packages will include both in-depth awareness and top-of-mind sponsorship opportunities using a tiered format that appeals to funders at different budget levels.

  1. We will develop promotional pieces, request letters, proposals and a sponsorship prospectus that will communicate your mission and the value of partnering with your organization.
  2. We will systematically solicit, confirm, collect and reconcile all commitments, and provide an ongoing commitment to the relationships with those who support your organization.

Creating Long-Term Partners

Building business relationships takes time, persistence, creativity and enthusiasm. WJ Weiser excels at staying ahead of the curve. Sponsorship is based on mutual benefit and exchange; partners aim to join together as complementary constituents. At WJ Weiser we believe that sponsors and donors are an organization’s lifeline. They should feel that their own objectives were met and that the association’s activities were enriched through their participation. WJ Weiser creates and implements a long-range plan that will keep contributors committed to your organization by developing and maintaining strong relationships.