Financial Management

We Care About Your Bottom Line, as If It Was Our Own

WJ Weiser & Associates has an intimate and vested interest in your association, because the success of your association is our business. We are as deeply committed to our clients’ operating and business structures as we are to our own. This is reflected in our uncompromising business practices and service levels that we deliver to Weiser-managed associations.

Sound financial management with integrity is critical to the success, development and maintenance of any organization. Weiser’s business approach is to run the economy of your association in the most stable way possible, and to achieve the highest levels of organizational growth and development through:

  • Accurate Budgeting Forecasting
  • Managing Expenses
  • Fundraising and Development ´╗┐

To be successful, all companies, especially non-profits need not only to earn and generate revenues, they must also control costs. At the same time, organizations must inherently work, and make decisions, under clouds of uncertainty. This makes forward planning complicated and the need for sharp, accurate forecasting absolutely essential. Making the best possible forecasts while budgeting can minimize, if not eliminate, the risk involved in uncertainties. Weiser has earned the confidence of our clients through a record of accurate forecasts that are well-documented in advance and later evaluated by the actual results.

´╗┐Controlling costs should be associated with many things other than cutting back or eliminating existing member programs or benefits that might weaken an association. Rather, Weiser seeks to reduce waste, increase efficiencies and manage expenses through comparison, negotiation and buying power. It’s about spending less without sacrificing the quality or quantity of resources. It’s about working smarter and harder. It takes not only experience, but also time to manage expenses. It takes time to research and compare costs. It takes time and passionate energy to negotiate a favorable contract. Weiser takes that extra time to care for our clients. ´╗┐

Fundraising and development of non-dues income remains a hallmark of Weiser’s services offering. Especially in challenging times, the success of any non-profit organization may lie solely in its ability to manage and develop successful income-producing education or other programs, and to secure outside corporate or public support funding. Weiser is committed and meaningfully proactive in our work with our client associations to deliver the best of these results.