Full Service Association Management Clients

Specializing in Medical Association Management


  • Androgen Society
  • Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards
  • The International Society for the Study of Iron In Biology and Medicine
  • International Society of Appraisers
  • Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
  • Society of Benign Prostate Disease


  • Academy of Physicians In Clinical Research
  • American Association of Pediatric Urologists
  • American Institute of Parliamentarians
  • American Medical Women's Association, Inc.
  • American Society for Men's Health, Inc.
  • Endocrine Alliance
  • Fertility Providers Alliance
  • Geriatric Urological Society
  • Guynecology Men's Health Association
  • Society for the Study of Male Reproduction, Inc.
  • Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction
  • Society of Urologic Oncology, Inc.
  • Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons
  • Society of Academic Urologists
  • Society of Women in Urology, Inc.
  • SUO Clinical Trials Consortium
  • Urological Association of Physician Assistants
  • Winter Urologic Forum


  • Heartland Endocrine Roundtable
  • Kentuckiana Rheumatology Alliance
  • Mid-Atlantic Society of Endocrinologists
  • Midwest Endocrinology Society
  • New England Endocrine Alliance
  • North Central Section of the AUA, Inc.
  • Northeastern Section of the AUA, Inc.
  • Ohio River Region Society of Endocrinology
  • Rheumatology Association of Minnesota & the Dakotas
  • South Central Section of the AUA, Inc.
  • Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc.
  • Southern Society of Endocrinologists


  • Arizona United Rheumatology Alliance
  • Arkansas State Rheumatology Association
  • Clinical Association of California Endocrinologists
  • Florida Urological Society
  • Georgia Association of Pathology
  • Georgia Society of Endocrinology
  • Georgia Urological Association
  • Great Lakes Society of Diabetes and Endocrinology
  • Illinois Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
  • Illinois State Urological Society
  • Illinois Urological Society
  • Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Inc.
  • Indiana Urologic Association
  • Iowa Urological Society
  • Kansas Urological Society
  • Kentucky Urological Association
  • Louisiana Urological Society
  • Minnesota Urological Society
  • Mississippi Arthritis and Rheumatism Society
  • Missouri Society of Pathologists
  • Missouri Urological Association
  • NC Urological Association
  • The New York State Society of Pathologists, Inc.
  • Ohio Association of Rheumatology
  • Oklahoma State Urological Association
  • Rheumatology Alliance of Louisiana
  • Rheumatology Association of Iowa
  • Rheumatology Association of Nevada
  • Rheumatology Society of New Mexico
  • Rocky Mountain Urological Society
  • SC Urological Association
  • State of Oklahoma Association of Rheumatology
  • Tennessee Rheumatology Society
  • Tennessee Urological Association
  • Texas Endocrinology Association
  • Virginia Society for Pathology
  • Virginia Urological Society, Inc.
  • Washington State Society of Pathologists
  • Western Endocrine Association
  • Wisconsin Rheumatology Association
  • Wisconsin Urological Society


  • Chicago Rheumatism Society


  • Advanced Urology Institute Education & General Fund, Inc.
  • SUFU Research Foundation, Inc.
  • T.Leon Howard Education and Research Fund of the SCS
  • Worldwide Fistula Fund

Programs and Project Services Clients


  • Focal Therapy Society
  • Society of Urologic Robotic Surgeons
  • World Endourological Society


  • Emory Univ School of Med, Dept of Urology
  • Hispanic Urologists Society of North America
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Ohio State University
  • Private Risk Management Association
  • Solaris Health
  • University of Michigan Medical School
  • University of Texas - MD Anderson
  • University of Texas Southwestern
  • University of Texas, San Antonio


  • California Chapter of AAP
  • Georgia Urology
  • Phoenix Rheumatology Association